40 Couples Caption For Cute Instagram Selfies!

40 Best Instagram Captions For Couples

Couples Captions and Quotes for your love with whom you will be spending your future. Let me tell you that these best couples captions for girlfriends or boyfriend are handpicked by our team hiquotes

Instagram Captions For Couples

This is now a trend that people post their couples photos on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. with a cute couple caption and we are now encouraging the trend by these love captions for Instagram pictures.

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Nowadays, all school girls and boys are in a relationship with someone (This is a fact) and they express their feelings and affections on Instagram or any social media.

Sometimes they put their love WhatsApp status stories also. 

Sometimes couples express their feelings with some couples captions and that is our topic of the post and some put their Instagram stories with such couples quotes.

Questions (often asked by readers) which are covered in this post are as follows 

  • What is the best quote for love?
  • How do you express your love?
  • What is deep love?
  • How do you express deep love in words?
Question Of The Post
How much years or months old your relationship?
I know that to be in a relationship is a very tough task. But when you care for your partner it shows how much you love that person.

As I previously told that most of the people use couples 👫 captions or quotes to express the relationship.

And to express those feelings we have some unique interesting couples Instagram caption about love and that will help you to make your Instagram story or Whatsapp story.

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List of best cute Instagram captions for couples pictures to describe your love

Below are some amazing couples captions that can easily describe your love towards each other.

"When I first met you my heart was saying that it is your girl/boy".

cute Instagram captions for couples pictures

"When I saw your eyes 👀 I was hypnotized"

"When you come close to me my heart fly".

"I love that charming face beauty".

"When you are not near me I feel it is my worst day".

"I think your heart and my heart is made by same God that's why they sound the same that is I LOVE YOU".

"I love you more than my pizza".

"When you kiss my forehead I feel safer".

cute Instagram captions for couples pictures

"When you give me chocolates I first carefully open it and keep the wrapper as our love 😍 sign".

"Please don't argue with me because I don't want that we should not talk for a week because the day I do not talk to you, my day is worst".

"When you give me a kiss it's my pleasure".

"Don't bring gifts only come you with you cute love".

"Our Love sign is our TRUST".

"You are my camera because when I look at you I smile".

"I heart stop beating when you are close to me".

"I did not want to be your dream I want to be your reality".

cute Instagram captions for couples pictures

"When you came into my life, life becomes heaven".

"I never experienced such lovely moments with anyone before you".

"Be my inspiration not my desperation"

"Your foundation is enough to make glow but my love is more enough to make you flawless".

Funny Couples Captions

Below are funny instagram captions for couples for your cute girlfriend or boyfriend.

"Loving you is not an easy task".

"You are my jam with bread".

Funny Couples Captions

"I am not SCHIZOPHRENIC but I am definitely Normal".

"You can not digest my dose of love".

"You are my dairy milk and I am your lays be with me for always".

"When you will be thirsty I will be your water".

"Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I will give it back".

"Will you give me some love? I will give it back".

cute Instagram captions for couples pictures

"True love is the greatest adventure".

"You are my favorite distraction".

Love couples captions for lovely couples

“I want to spend my whole life with you so that I can be what I am”

Love couples captions

“Loving is not the thing. Loving from the heart ♥ is the biggest thing”

“I have never imagined my life without your love”

“When I see you that day you definitely come in my dream”

“When I saw you for the first time I had made my mind that she is only my love partner”

Love couples captions

“Seconds changes into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days but we are constant”

“Thank God for giving me a partner who not only perfect women but also a perfect life partner”

Best Love Quotes

What is the best quote for love?

Listen How you caught me in your love I don't want any leave I want you should catch me for a life time. My Lovely Lifeline.

Express your love in these 3 simple ways

How do you express your love?

There are so many ways to express your love and some best ways I have shared that might you love to use. 

1) Get some information about what he/she like e.g- chocolates, traveling, etc. and then surprise with his/her likely thing.

2) Collect some funny romantic lyrics of a song and meet your love and express your love by singing that lyrics.

3) This is very common and we all do is by giving gifts and making the day. 

What is deep love?

Deep love is expressed by someone when he/she really want your love and want to stay with you and don't want to lose you at all. He/she will always try to make you happy in any condition.

How do you express deep love in words?

When you notice that you can't live without that person it means you are in deep love with that person. Read this "Beautiful Heart Touching Love Story"

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I hope you enjoyed the love captions for Instagram selfies and these cute captions for couples pictures helped you to make your couple photo more interesting any eye catchy.

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