20 Car Quotes (Creative And Best) You Should Know!

Car Quotes For Your Lovely Car

You bought a new car and now you have to post (or send) car photos to relatives, Instagram, Twitter to show that we have bought a brand new car. You can use these car quotes for Instagram. 

My first question to you guys
Have you bought the car with your own money or your parent's money? 
Just to see how much people are earning.
Answer the question in the comment section.

Car quotes

Below you will find some best cars quotes and new car sayings quotes you can use to show off your car. 

My second question 
Which is your car's brand?

List Of Best 20+ Car Quotes And Sayings For Your Near To Heart Car 

Here are some of the best car quotes and sayings for your brand new car.

Choose a best car quotes for you car from below

"My car is my car none of your car"

"Having a car is not worthy until  you have a friend to show off"

"I owned my car and I will only drive it"

"I only give seats to precious folks in my car"

"I have a silent girlfriend and she is my one and only car"

"I am in love with my car"

"If you don't know how much I love my car so back off"

"My lifeline who will be with me till the death"

"I treat my car like a kid"

"I have five members in my family Mom, Dad, Sister, Me and my Car"

"My car has a boyfriend, named as, oil"

"My car is a living thing, only I can talk to her"

"I only feel comfortable in my own car even it is a Ferrari or ford"

"If you purchased your car with your own money than it's ride is just inexpressible"

"The car is not only to go somewhere it is my home, but I also do party, and s** and all my necessary things"

"Don't dare to touch my car, because it has more importance than you in my life"

"You don't have swag but my car has it"

"My car is addicted to taking photos with me"

"I asked my car who is your boyfriend she told you"

"I love vintage cars because you can do so much more to them"

"Someone asked me who is your crush I replied in a very low voice a red flat Ferrari"

"Vintage car is itself a big mystery"

"I wash my like I am doing romance with her"

"There's a lot of stress... but when I drive my car it all goes out"

"Car driving is not my hobby it's my feeling"

"I only love FAST CARS because I don't believe slow and steady wins the race"

"Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine" - good reads

Message to all car drivers

When you ride your car you should not be concerned about the time you be concern about safety. 

When we are in a hurry we drive a car like a bike and something unexpected happens. 

So driving a car safely is the best way to drive your car.

You are not driving a car for formula f1 race so don't drive rash.

Make sure you have taken car insurance and if something happens to your dear car, it can be compensated.

Questions for you guys 

  • Which is a very costly car in the world?
  • Which is your favorite car post captions from above? 


I hope you liked these car quotes or new car captions for facebook.
These were some creative and new car Instagram captions.
Some of these were funny car quotes and sayings.
If you like these car lover quotes for a car than give it a share.
Thank you for reading.
Ta Ta.

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