Life Quotes And Life Sayings

Life? This is the only word we are here.
See, life is God gifted and we don't know that when it will be asked back I mean - Death.

I always tell you guys that live your life to the fullest and do everything that you loves to do and follow your passion.

What is life is only understood when we are adult I mean mature. So live your life gently and don't worry life is too small to take fights.

In this post I will be sharing some of the best life qoutes and life sayings, famous life proverb, old life qoutes that you can make your life motto.

Life Qoutes And Life Sayings

Life Qoutes And Life Sayings 

Life is too small, don't do fights, spread love and it will gives you a life lesson 
Life is yours so choice is yours be a king or die like a servant
Do something that will help you and your family to explore life
Thanks God for giving me a human life to show my talent
If you have a good idea - try it! Rather regreting afterward
If you can dream how life should be than you have the ability to shape it like that
Chase your dream it will give you money with respect
Shouting shows personality, silent shows intelligence
Make your life like a water - anywhere adjustable, fluid
Life will teach you how difficult or easy life is!
What no one teaches, life does it all
Everything is optional unless you have a life
You came with nothing you goes with nothing
In the last quality of time count instead of quantity time
If life was easy not chosen you
You will get jerk in every point of life but if you overcome that's the life
It's your life, make it worse or make it better choice is yours
Be that personality in life, whose work is done just by hearing the name
Always look below your strength, you will find you are superior rather comparing with above your strength
Don't be that good in life that people use you and you will think what happen
Choose friends that matters because they are the supporters in life race  
Don't be that cheap that people do their work for free from you and earns millions
Do whatever in your life, you should be happy doing that
Child, student, entrepreneur, money, travel, it is a perfect climax of the life
Life is a gift don't see how much you got see how much I can value
Life is sarcastic, you will never understand what is good and what is bad
Fill life with positive attitude it will kill your all problems
Life will teach you how to value yourself
Everything starts from zero so don't think you are small
Gain that much knowledge in life that people can only follow you
Life follows the same rule - "In aeroplane, in case of emergency wear your own oxygen mask first and then help others"
If you get all things in your life than you didn't value it
Be chasing rather than comparing
Keep quiet and do your work let the success makes mouth shut
Dogs have quality to bark in front of stranger but they play if they know the stranger. Same in life people will bark on you but you have to convert them into your pet
Don't be cigarette which at the end crushed, be the intoxication which ruined their life
Don't be dominating, be deciding
People go and come but life goes on
Happiness is depend upon how we choose to look at world
If it scares you, it's the sign you need to do it
I didn't change I just found myself
If people spreading negative rumors it means you are above them
Someone is ignoring you let them do it, do something in life that you will say I don't have time for bullshit
Life motto should be - Haters will do hating and I love it


I hope you like these Life Quotes And Life Sayings. If you found it useful than please share it with your friends.

If want to achieve in life than take inspiration from your haters because they are the real motivators.


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