Is Riyaz Aly A Rich Young Boy Because Of Tiktok?

RIYAZ Aly? Naam to sunahi hoga.
If you guys don't know who is Riyaz than let me tell you that he is the youngest Tiktoker to have such 21 million fans.

There are so many Tiktokers like Awez, Manjul, Aashika, Faisu, Nagma, Ansh, Sameeksha, Vishal, Bhavin etc

Riyaz Aly income

But out of these all he is younger and still have more than 15 million fans on Tiktok.

His fans are growing day by day. He had beaten Hasnain, Adnan, Shadan etc The whole team 07 except Faisu. One day he will also be beaten.

Why he is so much famous?

He is so much famous because of his wink, Nose crunches, hairstyle etc. 

He do stage performance, collaboration, fan meet up with Badshah, Milind Gaba, and much more. 

His videos are always so attractive that's why he acquire all the audience. 

Where does he live?

He live Bhutan currently

How much he earns?

Have you imagine that you will be earning 10000 rupees before my ssc examination? The answer is no.

If you don't know he is also good in studies. He scored 80+ % in 10th Std/grade.

He do collaboration with brand who want to advertise their product recently he had done a advertising with REALME, for their smartphone Real me 3 pro. 

They had given him a check of rupees 20000. Can you imagine a boy who is just 16 years old and earning more than ₹50000 a month.

He do advertising on his Instagram account also. 

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